Thupparivalan Movie Review: Mysskin’s Version of Sherlock Holmes

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Always been a huge fan of Mysskin’s works and when I saw the trailer & teaser, I made it clear that I will watch this movie FDFS if possible. Luckily for me, it happened during my vacation. I am also doubly interested by the fact that this is Myskin’s version of Sherlock Holmes & Watson.


The film had a typical muted Myssikin start with an incident and then we are introduced to Kani (Vishal) & Prabhakaran (Prasanna), who leads the lives of private detectives. Despite of a Holmes kinda introduction where he makes a deduction and solves a case instantly, we don’t see much of the Holmes trademark deduction in the movie or rather anything noticeable.

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Cast and Crew Performance

The first half of the movie moved at a breakneck speed (the quick hand-held shots added to it) with multiple exciting moments and action sequences and comic moments. But with the second half, the film started to run out of steam with poorly developed sequences. Even though the film carried Mysskin’s trademark emotional sequences, it just didn’t create an impact. Also, the track between Kani & Mallika (Anu Emmanuel) just didn’t. The only moments which I found brilliant was the action sequence shot in the mangrove forest in the climax where the antagonist (Vinay) shined throughout.

The film filled with trademark Myshkkin shots which keep you engaged during the second with some exceptional action sequences. Vishal was almost perfect as Kani while Prasanna was criminally underused. Anu Emmanuel showed some acting skills beyond the “smile” while the antagonist Vinay had a great screen presence as the cold blooded murdered. Andrea and Radha Ravi did well in supporting roles while the guy who played the role of ACP was simply bad with his overacting. The technical side especially the action choreography, BGM and cinematography were top notch.

Short Review

With signature shots and great action sequences, this movie is a good watch with normal expectations. It would have been a great product if the makers took care of this second half. If you are a fan of investigation thriller, then go for it.

Movie Ratings – 7/10

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