Sarvopari Palakkaran Movie Review by Social Worker Nisha Jose

Sarvopary Palakaaran- A powerful movie with a good theme.

What do you see when someone makes a movie of a “male chauvinistic Palakaaran” (phrase not coined by me but the movie maker) & a bubbly human activist!

When Aji gave me a rough story line I was a little apprehensive on how the team would handle the two characters. Cudos for the good work!!! I wish you had shot more scenes in our beautiful Pala.

I Loved the way the 2-individual’s blende their roles in the film- Aparna who was as strong as she should be and Anoop Menon who never overshadowed his own life image or the female role but presented the character in its true form with all its flaws.

The twist in the end is the best!!!

I could see shades of my joe & me in both the main characters. And yet we live together in Harmony- the Sarvopary Palakaaran in my life & me.

PS: – I watched the movie 1stday 1st show 😄with the permission of my sarvopary Palakaaran

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