Who is Odiyan Manikyan? What is Odiyan’s Story? A Mystical Treat

Odiyan, an upcoming mega movie starring Mohanlal, Manju Warrier,  Prakash Raj and directed by V A Shrikumar guarantees a visual treat for all. It is a fantasy thriller movie and its been reported that to be the most expensive Malayalam movie till date. The cherry of the cake in this movie is our Lalettan who is going to play the role of Odiyan Manikyan. Odiyans are said to be inhabited the Malabar region of Kerala during the pre-electricity era. The Odiyan tribe was assumed to have shape-shifting ability. They can change themselves to certain animal forms.

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Who is Odiyan Manikyan?

Odiyan Manikyan is the role played by Mohanlal. According to certain sources Manikyan is considered to be the greatest Odiyan ever lived. He has mastered the skills that have been passed down by his forefathers of the clan. The team has started its shooting by the mid of August. The director says that this movie would shatter the perceptions about the Odiyan tribe and what they did. Surely this movie is going to be a trend setter in the industry in all means.

Meanwhile, the movie Odiyan shooting is progressing at Palakkad in full swing. The movie is expected to hit the screens on 2018 March 29th as Mohanlal’s Vishu release. We wish all the best for the team of Odiyan.

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