Chunkzz Movie Review: A Fun Ride With Mech Rani

Much awaited Malayalam movie Chunkzz, directed by Omar Lulu, which released on March 23, has opened to mixed response from audience and critics. The movie, starring Balu Varghese and Honey Rose in the lead roles, is the second venture of Omar Lulu after 2016 commercial hit Happy Wedding.

The makers are giving unanimous promotions for the movie all over. The film has a grand and wide release all over the Kerala. Here we brought you the Chunkzz aka Chunks movie review.

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‘Chunkzz’ revolves around the life of four friends, essayed by Balu Varghese, Dharmajan, Vishak and Ganapati, who are mechanical engineering students. Later, a girl (Honey Rose) is coming to their department.

Honey, who plays the role of ‘mech rani’ opposite Balu Varghese, is the only female student of the mechanical department in the college. The interesting events that unfold in their college life defines the plot of the movie.

Cast and Crew Performance

When coming to acting department, Balu Varghese, Vishak and Ganapati, who enjoys a majority of the screen space in the movie, fails to impress the audiance. Dharmajan was an exception there. He has done his job neatly. Skilled actors Siddique and Lal have nothing much to do. Honey Rose’s Mech Rani is possibly the only character in the movie that the audience can connect with and she does her job neatly.

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When coming to direction, Omar Lulu did a great job. Like his previous movie Happy Wedding, ‘Çhunkzz’ also includes lot of fun and comedy elements. And Omar has done a good job in making an average script to a one-time watchable movie. The twists he portrayed in the climax part of the movie is excellent.

And in technical department, Alby’s cinematography in the movie is well appreciated for his work and the music of the film done by Gopi Sunder has produced mixed opinion. The songs which comes in frequent intervals didn’t look good. The background scores of the film managed to support the scenes of the film.

Final verdict:

“Chunkzz” is not at all an entertaining movie like Happy Wedding, but it wouldn’t disappoint you for sure. Though the movie has a few weak points, twists in climax, the performances of the Honey Rose, Dharmajan and Omar Lulu’s direction make it worth a one-time watch.

SecondShowMedia Rating: 3/5


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