Bobby (2017) Malyalam Movie Review

Bobby is a movie which falls into Romantic Comedy category, Directed By Shebi Chowgath . Niranj(Debut) and popular actress Miya George in the lead roles

The Film Narrates the Story of Bobby a 21-year-old lad. The movie starts with the beautiful famous scene of “Namukku Parkkan Mundirithoppukal “ Solomon’s(Mohanlal) proposal seen.

Bobby (Niranjan) studying in seminary against his will. His father made him join there. Bobby is so much attached to the movie “Namukku Parkkan Mundirithoppukal “and he is in love with an unknown beauty who always comes in his dream which he believes is his soul mate. Due to due to his behaviour Bobby and friends were thrown out of the seminar. Bobby went back to his place where he meets his soul mate who comes in his dream. Her name was Mariya (Miya), she is an ex- bank employee who is, married and 7 years elder than Bobby. Maria is going through some personal problems, her husband’s father took her husband away from her at the day of their marriage.  Bobby tries to win her love but Maria has her own share of problems. What happens later forms the rest of the story. The movie starts with slow pace but once Bobby starts his tricks to win Maria movie starts getting engaging. Post interval movie seems to have more life and have got a neat good climax

Niranj being his debut movie had done a very good Job, for Miya being such an experienced actress this role is a cake walk for her and she did it very well.  The relation between Bobby and  Father was feeling good. Shami Thilakan will make you remember the legendary actor Thilakan in few scenes.  Rest of the cast did a good job, except for few unwanted comedy onliners.

Over all Bobby has a theme less explored in Malayalam films. A good movie to see and enjoy your weekend.


Rating: 3.7/5

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