Annabelle creation(2017) Review

The story of Annabelle creations begins this way.A toy maker named Sam Mullins who makes toy(Anabelle) packs it after it’s been done and he writes 1/100 on the box.

Now they show his family that is his wife and his 7-year-old daughter Annabelle. Mr  Mullins car had a trouble and breaks down in middle of the road, nut of the tyre comes out.Annabelle tries to pick the nut which fell on the road and gets hit by the car passing through the way and dies an accidental death.

      Later after 12 years Sam Mullins and his wife, Esther, are happy to welcome a nun and six orphaned girls into their California farmhouse.Out of six girls, one is handicapped, namely Janice ,she and her friend gets separate creepy room where Mullins old toys were kept.Janice stays there in her room because she can’t able to walk, but then she feels some presence in the room.

Dinner time nun and the girls are seated with Mullins,suddenly a bell rings it was Mrs Mullins lying in bed,calling for help,after hearing this Mullins goes to her room, one out of six girls Peeps to the room n observes that Mrs Mullins is bed sicked and her half face is covered by mask and the girl is terrified by the scene.

          Bed time Janice is struggling to sleep, sees someone putting a piece of paper to her room, written “FIND ME”.At first, she assumes it’s the girls in other room, later she hears noise coming from other side and follows ,finds another bit of paper written “IN HERE”.She opens the door ,little did she know that she would be obsessed by the evil soul present in the forbidden room, there she finds the doll and also sees Annabelle who was dead 12 years earlier, the evil soul tries to attack her and wants her soul.Soon she manages to escape from that room and goes to her room.

      The next morning she confessess to the nun as she feel some presence at home.The nun advised her to be strong and not to worry about it.Remaining girls also starts feeling the same that the house is haunted, as some weird things happen to scare the hell out of them.

      The two of the children enters to Annabelle’s room again,the evil spirits tries to attack the two,but one escapes from there,poor Janice gets attacked by the spirit and gets badly hurt.The next morning she is taken medical measures seated in the wheelchair.The nun leaves Janice in the yard          as Mrs Mullins calls her,Janice is attacked once again by the spirit and it possessed Janice completely.

No one observes Janice as much as best her friend,she finds Janice activity weird and explains this to Mr Mullins.He then goes to the room with the “symbol” and gets attacked by the spirit and dies.

The nun and girls are terrified by this incident and nun decides to talk to Mrs Mullins.She explains about her late daughter and the spirit of the child willing to enter her favourite toy.Mr and Mrs Mullins permitted the soul to enter the doll,few days later Mrs Mullins got to know that it was not their daughter’s soul but something else,and also got attacked by it,since her hubby arrived from church she escaped from death.

By hearing this, nun awares everyone to stay together and call for help.Janice is missing in the go,nun and girls try to find her.Few of them gets splitted here n there,the evil spirits tries to attack everyone finally all of them meets up in same place and they are safe

Next morning cops arrive for the rescue but could not find Janice anywhere.The possessed Janice is found in some orphanage,a couple adopted her ,later after many years she’s all grown and still possess

Evil spirit Annabelle and kills the couple..

Annabelle creation is filled with circling dolly shots that reveal and conceal evil in torturously teasing ways, effective narrative use of practical lighting for dramatic effect,and heart pounding sound effects and a score a screaming strings.

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